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Volcano Island

Imagine being trapped on a volcanic island that's littered with treasure only to find it's also crawling with evil spirits who are hell-bent on destroying you. Well, that's the scenario in Volcano Island.

This game sees you try to escape the island by finding your way through a series of mazes. You need to collect all of the treasure and objects in each level before you can progress to the next. But watch out for those spirits because if you crash into one then you'll lose a life.

Volcano Island has the makings of a fun puzzle/adventure game, but I think it's fatally flawed due to its poor execution. True, the 3D characters and backgrounds are well drawn enough, but the animation is far too jerky.

The game controls in Volcano Island are so unresponsive that it's painful to play at times. Because it's so difficult to stop or turn a corner you invariably find yourself crashing into a spirit. You can make the game a bit easier by changing the maze type from 'floating' to 'static', but the controls are still annoying.

Personally, playing Volcano Island made me feel a bit sick. But if you have the stomach for the jerky animation and the patience to master the controls, you might enjoy it.

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4 stars

Operating System: Windows Mobile 2003,Windows Mobile 2002,Windows Mobile 2003.2,Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone,Windows Mobile 6 Std,Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro

Publisher/Developer: James Thornton

Release Date: Dec 19, 2014

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