NS Pairs 1.01 (SP)

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NS Pairs

Since before brain training was fashionable, the game of Pairs has been one of the best ways to put your gray matter to the test.

NS Pairs is a Windows Mobile version of the memory-enhancing game, which challenges you to match the cards in the fastest time possible. There are three difficulty levels to choose from: Easy (you start with 12 cards), Normal (20 cards), and Hard (36 cards).

Once you click 'Start' you'll get a few seconds to survey the cards and must try to remember which card is where. When the time is up the cards are flipped over and the game begins. You just need to select a card by clicking on it to turn it over then, if the next card you select has a matching picture, the cards disappear.

There is a high scores table for each of the difficulty levels in NS Pairs, where you compete with yourself to achieve the lowest possible number of moves in the shortest amount of time possible.

Pairs is a tried-and-trusted game format, and this version makes for a stimulating and enjoyable brain-teaser. Unfortunately, NS Pairs fails to really add anything to the format so don't expect any extra features, customization options, or anything.

Put simply, NS Pairs is a good way to pass a bus journey but it's not exactly mind-bowling in its originality.

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3 stars

Operating System: WM 2003.2/WM5 Smartphone/WM 6Std/WM 6.1 Pro

Publisher/Developer: Nyxbull Software

Release Date: Apr 19, 2014

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