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If you have a busy schedule in either your work or social life then the chances are you need to jot down notes of what you're supposed to be doing at what time.

Traditional diaries are OK for this, but they can be cumbersome to carrry around and are prone to getting lost.

Of course, you could use the note taker that comes built into your Windows Mobile Smartphone, but in my opinion this is not nearly as easy-to-use or functional as it could be.

Step forward Note2Day, a simple application that helps you improve the organisation and classifcation of your notes.

The app proves to be a very flexible notes manager that lets you record absolutely anything.

For example, you can record ideas, list outstanding tasks, write reminders, create all kinds of listings, add personal experiences, before categorising them all by date automatically.

Note2Day includes a summary window with a brief description of all your recorded notes, four different font sizes to improve viewing, plus a function for porting notes to text files or saving them in a proprietary format.

It would've been nice to see some alarm features for setting up task alerts, but on the whole, Note2Day represents a decent alternative to the built-in note taker in Windows Mobile.

Download and use it now: Note2Day 1.0.1 free download

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Operating System: Windows Mobile 2003,Windows Mobile 2003.2,Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone,Windows Mobile 6 Std

Publisher/Developer: James Thornton

Release Date: Dec 21, 2014

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