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If you're a fan of aquatic adventures such as Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid then you'll have splashing fun with Fishocopter.

The object of this enjoyable undersea game is to guide your little fish safely through the treacherous waters, avoiding all the nasty critters along the way such as crabs, sea urchins, shells and other fish.

Fishocopter is a side-scrolling game with very simple controls. All you need to do is use the up and down buttons to raise or lower the fish in the water. Mastering the game is not so easy though, and you'll need a lot of dexterity to avoid the bad guys. That said, Fishocopter does become very addictive and it's one of those games where as soon as you die you'll want to restart straight away to try and beat your record.

Fishocopter is well produced and includes some cute graphics and smooth animation. The music is OK (if a little monotonous) but there aren't enough sound effects.

In terms of game options, Fishocopter is a little disappointing. You can alter the sound and language settings but there are no difficulty levels, high scores or multiplayer options.

Fishocopter is, nevertheless, an enjoyable single player game which has more than enough gameplay to get you through a long bus or train journey.

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Size: 251 KB


5 stars

Operating System: Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone

Publisher/Developer: Pocketnew

Release Date: Apr 19, 2014

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