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Dust Digger

BoulderDash was all the rage back in the 80s, appearing on all the home computers and consoles such as Commodore 64, Spectrum and the Atari ST.

The game, also known as Rockford or Repton, saw you try to escape a series of caverns by digging your way through, collecting gems and diamonds along the way. Dust Digger is a Windows Mobile version of the game for mobile phones. In it, you must guide your man through the labyrinth, avoiding hazards such as falling boulders, underground explosions, and various nasty creatures.

Dust Digger is very true to the original BoulderDash formula, meaning it's a huge challenge, where you'll need all your powers of skill and logic to make it through. The levels are pretty huge and tough right from the off, and the annoying thing about them is that every time you die you need to start over from the beginning, which gets very tedious after a while.

The graphics in Dust Digger aren't that great - the sprites are very small, the animation is crude and the visual effects are ludicrously under-par. That said, I guess this does make it even more faithful to the original BoulderDash games.

If you're up for a challenge, Dust Digger can be an engrossing and addictive adventure. You'll need patience though, because it can also be immensely frustrating.

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Operating System: WM 2003/WM 2003.2/WM5 Smartphone

Release Date: Apr 19, 2014

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